i'm 22 yrs old. i live in england & i have a huge sweet tooth
my tumblr is hawaiisamurai. i sometimes reblog cool pictures on it
you can also reach me on discord at Sean#7155

$h!T i like:
animal crossing
lsd: dream emulator
mother series
ratchet & clank (original trilogy, haven't really played anything past the first ps3 game)
street fighter alpha
tony hawk's pro skater series
yugioh (pre-synchro monster era)

i love a fuck ton of music from all kinds of genres. it's hard to list my favourite artists really but here is one of those album collages:

other stuff:
osamu sato's art, games and music! i am a big fan of his
i watch anime from time to time. my anime list can be found HERE if you wanna check that out
i also love the simpsons. earlier seasons, obviously
football/soccer! i support Arsenal FC.
among other things......which i will add as i remember them......